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UW N-body Simulation Dataset and Benchmark


It is a pleasure to acknowledge the help we have received from Tom Quinn, both during the project and in writing this publication. Simulations "Cosmo25" and "Cosmo50" were graciously supplied by Tom Quinn and Fabio Governato of the University of Washington Department of Astronomy. The simulations were produced using allocations of advanced NSF--supported computing resources operated by the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, NCSA, and the TeraGrid.

This work was funded in part by the NASA Advanced Information Systems Research Program grants NNG06GE23G, NNX08AY72G, NSF CAREER award IIS-0845397, NSF CRI grant CNS-0454425, the eScience Institute at the University of Washington, gifts from Microsoft Research, and Balazinska's Microsoft Research New Faculty Fellowship.

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