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UW N-body Simulation Dataset and Benchmark


The three benchmark datasets are generated by N-body shop research group at the University of Washington.

Summary of Datasets:
DatasetNumber of ParticlesNumber of SnapshotsSize of each snapshotTotal size
dbtest128g4.2 million 128169 MB21 GB
cosmo5033.6 million 9 1.4 GB12.6 GB
cosmo25916.8 million2 43 GB 86 GB



Dbtest128g is a cosmological simulation that follows a the evolution of structure within a volume 150 million light years on a side from shortly after the Big Bang until the present day. The simulation had 512 timesteps, and snapshots were taken every even timestep. Each snapshot consists of the state of each particle in the simulation, plus some additional per-particle quantities in separate files. Dbtest128g is a dark matter and gas particle only simulation with 4.2 million particles total. Each snapshot is 169MB in TIPSY binary format corresponding to 468 MB of ASCII data.


Cosmo50 is a high resolution cosmological simulation designed to mimic the GOODS observational survey, covering a volume of 225 million light year on a side. The simulation includes star formation, uniform but time dependent cosmic UV field and feedback from supernovae. Using a total of 35 million (dark matter, gas and star) particles, Cosmo50 achieves a spatial resolution of 5000 light years. Cosmo50 required a total of 500,000 CPU hours to complete, with each individual snapshot being 1.4 GB in TIPSY binary format, corresponding to 3.9 GB of ASCII data.


To complement Cosmo50, the Cosmo25 cosmological simulation was run. Cosmo25 samples a smaller uniform of volume of the universe, 110 million light years on a side, but at much higher resolution, with ~900 million particles total. Cosmo25 includes similar prescriptive feedback and star formation criteria as Cosmo50. Each individual snapshot is 36 GB in TIPSY binary format, corresponding to 95 GB of ASCII data.

*The dataset is available only on request due to its volume. If you want to use the dataset, please contact YongChul Kwon to arrange download.

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